Apple Varieties and Approximate Ripening Dates

Updated: Oct 7

I've created extensive descriptions of the apples on this blog but I thought it would help you all to have a quick list to reference. Please remember these are all just approximate ripening dates - feel free to call us 608-635-4780 to see what varieties we actually have in the shop at any particular time.

Chenango Strawberry - August 14th

Duchess - August 14th

William’s Pride - August 15th

Dandee Red - August 15th

Paulared - August 15th

Scarlet - August 15th

Zestar! - August 17th

Sansa - August 19th

Ginger Gold - August 20th

Akane - August 21st

Red Gravenstein - August 23rd

Jonamac - August 26th

Wealthy - August 27th

Gala - August 30th

Haralson - September 1st