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Akane Apples and Taffy Apple Salad

The Akane apple is included in Diane's list of top apples. She just loves the CRUNCH of them! It is pronounced "Ah-kay-nay" in case you were wondering.

Approximate Ripening Date: August 21st

Flavor: The Akane is an excellent early season apple with an unusually good balance of sweet and sharp flavors. The flesh is firm and has plenty of juice.

Baking: It keeps its shape when cooked or baked and makes a great dried apple.

History: Worcester Pearmain x Jonathan developed in Japan in the 1930s

Featured Recipe:

Taffy Apple Salad

by Nancy Germann

8 oz crushed pineapple (save juice)

1/2 cup sugar

1 T flour

2 T vinegar

1 egg - beaten

8 oz cool whip

1 cup dry roasted peanuts

4 cups apples - peeled and chopped

Combine pineapple juice, sugar, flour, vinegar, and egg. Blend well. Cook in saucepan stirring over medium heat until thick. Cool until COLD (about an hour). Fold in Cool Whip, pineapple, peanuts and apples. Chill.

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