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Red Delicious Apples

The Red Delicious Apple was once one of the most popular and successful apples in the world. This can be attributed to how well it shipped and the general beauty of the apple. Today it has lost much of its popularity due to it's extremely mild taste and thick skin. I am surprised each season on just how many people still are on the hunt for the Red Delicious apple.

Approximate Ripening Date: October 12th * The Red Delicious needs a frost to develop it's flavor.

Flavor: Watery sweetness, hard, and thick skinned.

Baking: This is probably the one apple we grow that I would never bake with. I wouldn't even bother mixing it in with other varieties of apples to cook - it just seems to dissolve.

History: Discovered in Peru, Iowa, 1881

Other: Rowan Jacobsen's book Apples of Uncommon Character (2014) describes the best use for the Red Delicious as "Makes a great logo."

At this point I would typically share a recipe but to avoid confusing you into thinking the Red Delicious would be good in any recipe I am going to skip that today.

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