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Heartland Craft Grains

As a small business it's always our pleasure to support other local, small businesses whenever we can!

We are excited to be carrying rolled oats and four different types of flour from Heartland Craft Grains out of Lodi, WI. If you haven't read the story behind this fantastic production be sure to check it out HERE.

What are we carrying at the orchard? Well ...

Rolled Oats - perfect for apple crisp and oatmeal!

Blue Corn Flour - Beautiful stone-ground blue corn.

Durum Flour - Great for use in biscuits, bread, and cookies!

Einkorn Flour - One of the Ancient Grains. Great in cookies, breads and more

Pastry Flour - Whole grain soft red winter wheat. Great for pie crusts and other pastries!

Check out the recipes Heartland Craft Grains posted HERE.

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