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Welcome to the new "Pips & Ponderings" blog

Hello everyone! I hope this post finds you and your family safe and healthy. I know we're living in a crazy time right now but we will get through this. My family is taking some of this time to keep the orchard flourishing and preparing it for you to visit (hopefully!) this fall. I've also been working on some things behind the scenes like this new website and blog.

Side note: I started blogging on blogspot in 2008 for the orchard!

My friend and neighbor set this up for us (isn't it amazing!?) and now it's time for me to add some more info for you.

The apple trees are not in bloom yet but my magnolia tree is. The magnolia tree was gifted to me by my in-laws for my birthday quite a few years back. The next year they gave me weeping willow trees and after that Jared said I couldn't have more trees.

I'll keep instagram updated on the progress of the trees - once they're in bloom it might be worth a "drive by" to check out their beauty.

This blog - now named "Pips and Ponderings" - will bring over some of the most popular recipes from the old blog, a summary from my Saucesational Analysis posts and more organized information about different varieties of apples. I have a thought to make this a writing assignment for my girls ... we'll see how they take that.

Stay tuned for more fun at the apple orchard!

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