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Scion Sparkling Cider

Mercedi, Pip and Capri Lapacek are born-and-raised at Lapacek’s Orchard. They have helped most of their lives and this year decided on an extra-special project. The trio helped pick apples and press them to create the cider used in this newest product at Lapacek’s Orchard - Scion Sparkling Cider.

A portion of proceeds from this product goes directly to the girls’ college fund.

Scion wood is the stick grafted to apple trees to grow new apples. So the future of apples is in scion wood and our girls future is starting with Scion Sparkling Cider.

Scion Sparkling Cider has an amazing depth of flavor and the effervescent bubbles makes it a joy to drink! This is a great non-alcoholic alternative for a special toasting treat!

The Scion Sparkling Cider is available in 4 packs, by the case (six 4 packs), or individually (if you want to try it before you commit).

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