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Lapacek's Orchard Gear - Order Now

Lapacek's Orchard is teaming up with OCD Graphix from Poynette to bring you Lapacek's Orchard Gear in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors! The online shop for ordering is open until September 13th HERE.

While you can still buy "Please don't squeeze my apples" or "Cider After Dark" shirts from the orchard the clothing in this custom order features our brand new logo created by Josie Tollaksen.

She grew up just down the road from the orchard and always knew when we open because the hay wagon with our sign would be out.

As you are placing your order please keep in mind that Women's Apparel runs small so order a size or two up from what you're used to.

OCD Graphixs is now licensed to carry Brumate Hopsulators! I have slim one already and I can't wait to get one with "Lapacek's Orchard" on it. I'm also going to get a 3-in-1 Hopsulator for my hubby for Christmas (don't worry ... I'm pretty sure he doesn't actually read my blog posts).

Orders will be ready about 2 weeks after the store closes. You can choose to either pick up your order from the orchard (no extra fee) or have it shipped to you (+fee).

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