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Caramel Apple Bark on the Appilicious Cooking Show

Diane and Cedi are up to it again! Check out their latest video on the Lapacek's Orchard YouTube channel (be sure to subscribe!) to see how they made Caramel Apple Bark.

Caramel Apple Bark

12 oz milk chocolate chips

1 large apple (or 2 medium)

Mini pretzels

  1. Melt chips in microwave on defrost. Stir every minute until smooth.

  2. Pour onto parchment paper. Spread into rectangle shape.

  3. Layer pretzels on top until chocolate is covered.

  4. Dice apple. Dab with a paper towel to reduce moisture.

  5. Spread apples over pretzels.

  6. Microwave caramel on defrost. Stir every minute until melted.

  7. Spoon caramel over apples.

  8. Refrigerate an hour, then cut into bite sized pieces.

Best served the day of or pretzels may get soggy.

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