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Hop on the Wagon!

What's this wagon I'm talking about? Well - the Market Wagon! We signed up to be vendors a few weeks ago and made our first drop off last Thursday. It went really smoothly and we look forward to selling more products as things at the store wind down. It's a great way for you to stock up on apple-type items from Lapacek's Orchard- like apples, apple cider donuts, Scion Sparkling Cider and caramel apples -without making the trip all the way out to the orchard. We're not the only farm on there either - order veggies, meat, milk, bakery items and more! I made my first order last week and we're still enjoying our goodies! Market Wagon Madison delivers to eight counties - Sauk, Dane, Columbia, Dodge, Jefferson, Green, Iowa and Rock!

If you live in the Southeast Wisconsin area (click HERE to see what counties are covered). we also are now offering Scion Sparkling Cider on that Market Wagon delivery. The Scion Sparkling Cider is an amazing beverage that you will for sure enjoy for a special occasion ... or if you just are tired of drinking water.

Be sure to check it out and get your orders in so you have some fun treats for Thanksgiving!

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