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Cider After Dark 2020

One thing in 2020 that we are not giving up is Cider After Dark! Yes - Diane and I (Kim) will continue to mix Lapacek's Apple Cider with alcoholic beverages and let you know how it tastes. In fact - we've already recorded two of them!

We started with a preseason mix in the pool and played a version of beer pong but with cider and fireball instead.

Our second one we put a spin on the classic summer drink - and made Apple Cider Margaritas!

I wasn't expecting tequila and apple cider to go so well together!

If you have any ideas for things we should try mixing with apple cider please leave a comment!

We also now have Scrappy's Bitters for sale! You can either purchase them online or find them in our shop. We do love our bitters!

Have you missed Cider After Dark? You can watch all the episodes easily on YouTube. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don't miss any new episodes!

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