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2022 Apple Season - Hours and Updates

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Hi everyone! Can you believe it's August again already!? I know I can't! It's been a full year for us since last season.

I'm happy to say that we have a fabulous crop of apples once again! Things are definitely back to "normal" in that respect. Whew!

We'll be opening for the 2022 apple season on Sunday, August 14th from 10am - 4pm.

As you can see in the above graphic our August hours are a bit modified. We are going to be open Thursday's through Sunday's and closed Monday through Wednesday.

Jared, Frank and the girls made a fun Basketball Gravity Box for you all to enjoy! We hope you have fun shooting some hoops at the orchard. You'll find it just west of the main playgrounds.

There are also some new baby goats for you to visit with - Snoop, Elliot, Aster, Nutmeg, Nessa, and Nike. They are super adorable. The mostly brown one is Nike and she was bottle fed so she's extra friendly. Oh! And be sure to visit the chickens - we got some new babies with some fun hair-dos!

It won't take you long to notice that one of our "employees" (aka Mercedi) has a cast on her foot. She was at a basketball camp, landed on someone's foot doing a layup and ended up breaking her ankle. She had surgery this past Monday and is doing well. I'm pretty sure she'll be solely on register duty this fall.

I'm sure there are other new things but those are the highlights! I'm looking forward to another great apple season and I hope you are too!

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