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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we pick our own apples?
No, all of our apples are pre-picked. Also you can go for a walk through the orchard, play on our equipment, pick your own peppers, have fun on the photo scavenger hunt, pick your own pumpkin (October), play in our sunflower field, and see how many door knobs you can spot on your walk.

Are you an organic orchard?
We practice IPM — Integrated Pest Management. By watching degree days and scouting for bugs and scab we are able to spray our orchard at a minimum. However, we are not organic.

Can we bring our pets to your orchard?

No. We have a lot of pets and animals for you to visit but your pets are not allowed to visit. Thank you!

Do you still go to farmer's markets?
Unfortunately, no. With the increase of business on our farm, the increase in apples we are sending to local schools, and the demands that happen as your children get older (school work, softball, basketball, dance, gymnastics) we just don't have the time or resources to get to the Farmer's Markets. We are happy to have you visit us here on our farm though!

Do you have Honeycrisp?
Yes — we have many Honeycrisp apple trees planted at our orchard. They typically ripen, ready to pick around September 12th. To be the first to hear when the Honeycrisp are for sale be sure to sign up for our Newsletter.

What kind of apples do you grow and sell?

We grow almost 60 varieties at our apple orchard! A comprehensive list of the varieties and their approximate ripening date can be found by clicking HERE. Please note that the dates are approximate - we monitor the quality of the apples and will pick them once they are truly ripe and ready. Feel free to call first to see if we have the variety you're looking for - 608-635-4780.

Can I use your orchard for photo shoots?
Please visit this page for the rules and fees pertaining to photo shoots at Lapacek's Orchard.

Do you have pick-your-own Raspberries?

No, unfortunately we no longer grow raspberries at our orchard.  

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