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Apple Varieties

*heirloom variety

Sno (Fameuse)

Oct 1

Is a fairly small bright red/crimson apple with bright white flesh and a distinctive sweet flavor. Good for eating, juice. Keeps 1 to 2 months.

Red Delicious

Oct 4

Needs a frost to sweeten. Tough skinned, juicy and sweet eating apple.


Oct 7

Sweet, crisp, and juicy. Excellent for fresh eating and also good for cooking. Golden Delicious and Haralson cross developed at University of Minnesota. Introduced in 1970.


Oct 1

Very large fruit with sweet, pleasant flavor and fine-grained flesh good for fresh eating, salad, and baked apples. Good storage life. McIntosh x Longfield cross released by the University of Minnesota in 1943.


Oct 5

A sweet, crisp, fine textured, complex flavored apple. A treat for fresh eating! Stores well and stays crisp. Ralls Janet x Delicious; Japan 1962.


Oct 7

Crisp, tart, all purpose apple. A great keeper that makes wonderful pies. Flavor mellows in storage. Jonathan x Wagener cross. Moscow, Idaho, 1935.


Oct 4

Firm, crackling, juicy, slightly tart, flesh. Superb, rich, full flavor. Finest dessert and eating quality. Good cooking properties. Will store in common refrigerator for 3 months. Jonathan x Golden Delicious cross.

Golden Delicious

Oct 7

Sweet, juicy and crisp. Great for fresh eating and pies. Holds shape when baked. Chance seedling of Grimes Golden; West Virginia, Introduced in 1900.


Oct 8

Firm and crisp with a highly appealing subacid, aromatic flavor. Creamy white flesh doesn't brown when cut. Possibly Red Delicious x Golden Delicious found growing in Washington state.

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