Apple Varieties

*heirloom variety


Striped‎ red fruit with a tart balanced flavor. Multi-purpose apple, but especially good for cooking. Keeps well. Cherry Crab x Sops of Wine; Minnesota, 1861.

Aug 28


Akane is an excellent early season apple with an unusually good balance of sweet and sharp flavors. The flesh is firm rather than crisp, but with plenty of juice. Akane was developed in Japan in the 1930s, and represents an unusual marriage of the classic English early variety, Worcester Pearmain, and the high quality American heritage apple variety, Jonathan - and it is a marriage that works very successfully.

Aug 22

Williams Pride

Firm texture. Intense sweet-tart flavor. PRI 1018-101 x NJ 50; PRI (Purdue, Rutgers, Illinois Co Op), 1988.

Aug 15


Tart and juicy. Good for eating, but best for pies and sauces. Short storage life. Russia, 1700, introduced into England c. 1815.

Aug 15


A surprising first bite! Everything about this apple is rosy: red flesh, reddish leaves and bark, red skin. Tastes great, too.

Aug 15


Excellent for fresh eating. Very pretty with firm, juicy, fine textured, yellow white flesh and a sweet flavor. Kidd's Orange Red x Golden Delicious; New Zealand, 1934.

Aug 31

Red Gravenstein

Keeps shape when cooked. Sweet/sharp flavor.

Aug 18

Chenango Strawberry

Strawberry scented! Fragrant fresh eating medium to large fruit with red striped skin. Harvest early for best results.

Aug 13

Paula Red

Related to McIntosh, makes a beautiful pink applesauce. Good for eating and pies. Very popular early apple but is not a keeper.

Aug 15

Ginger Gold

The‎ earliest Golden Delicious type apple. Doesn't discolor when cut and holds its shape when baked. Golden Delicious x Albermarle Pippin cross from Virginia.

Aug 26


Juicy with a light, crisp texture and a sprightly sweet-tart taste with a hint of brown sugar. Excellent for fresh eating and cooking. State Fair x MN 1691 cross released by University of Minnesota in 1999.

Aug 16

Dandee Red

Similar to McIntosh with pleasingly tart, crisp, creamy white flesh. Good keeper for an early apple. New trees in 2008.

Aug 15


Firm, juicy, crisp and sweet. Flesh is green-white. Gala x Akane cross developed in Japan.

Aug 15


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