A bag of six frozen apple cider donuts. We sell our donuts frozen for those that like to save some for later in the week or year to enjoy. Just put them on your counter to thaw and enjoy! Some folks like to microwave for just a few seconds to warm them up.


These are a top seller at Lapacek's Orchard and folks look forward to them every season. Once you've had them I'm confident we'll see you again for more!


Frozen Apple Cider Donuts

  • Orders must be placed the day before you plan on picking up.


    Pick up times are as follows - please indicate on your order which time slot you'd prefer.


    Tuesday - Sunday

    Time Slot A: 10am - 11am

    Time Slot B: 1pm - 2pm

    Time Slot C: 4pm - 5pm


    *Please note that we are closed on Monday. If you place an order on Sunday, it will not be ready until Tuesday.



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