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Cripps Pink Apple and Crispy Festive Apple Salad Recipe

The Cripps Pink (aka Pink Lady) is the last apple to ripen and be picked at Lapacek's Orchard. This is a fan favorite that we throw the dice on each year. It's not really meant to be grown in this climate so if the weather isn't right we won't have a crop. In fact of the approximate 6,500 apple trees in our orchard only 10 of them are Cripps Pink.

Approximate ripening date: Orctober 21st

Flavor: This apple is both sweet, tart and crisp. Sweet, tart? Is that a thing? Yes! It's a burst of all the flavors in your mouth when you bite into it. As you savor it you'll notice the incredible depth of taste of this truly delicious apple. This apple does have a notable skin that many will overlook for the flavor, crispness and juiciness. Because we grow the Cripps Pink in a colder climate than it was intended to be grown I do believe the flavor is more tart than what folks are used to getting in the grocery store.

Baking: This apple will hold its shape when cooked and is great in salads since it is naturally slow to brown. The Cripps Pink is one of two favorite apples that Amy Traverso, author of "The Apple Lover's Cookbook" likes for baking.

History: The Cripps Pink (aka Pink Lady) originated in Western Australia in 1973 and was the world's first "club apple."

Other: Great Keeper. Cross between a Golden Delicious and Lady Williams.

Mercedi Lapacek has included this on her list of top apples.

Featured Recipe:

Crispy Festive Apple Salad

Shirley Johnson Warrens

2000 Finalist

Recipe from the Wisconsin Apple Grower's Cookbook

3 Wisconsin apples, diced (unpeeled)

1 banana, sliced

1 cup chopped celery

12 grapes, cut in half

4 dates, chpped

12 ounces pineapple or tropical yogurt

Mix all ingredients together. Store in refrigerator until serving time. Garnish with mint leaves if desired.

Great fruit salad on a hot fall day!

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