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Nearing the End

This is a post I never imagined writing before the middle of October but here it is: the 2021 apple season for Lapacek's Orchard is nearing the end.

As I shared earlier this season, the apple crop was significantly lower this year. We were hoping to have apples until the end of October but we've realized that is just not going to happen. I want to give you the heads up that this week will be our final regular hours of the 2021 season.

Hours for the last week

Thursday, October 14th - 9am to 5pm

Friday, October 15th - 9am to 5pm (btw ... this is my half birthday!)

Saturday, October 16th - 10am to 5pm

Sunday, October 17th - 10am to 4pm

After Sunday, October 17th keep an eye on the website, the newsletter (scroll to the bottom of the website home page to sign up if you're not already), and our social media for notices of store "pop up" hours where we might have a few apples left to sell and give you the opportunity to pre-order donuts, etc.

November 19th and 20th will be the annual Hand Crafted Hoedown for the Holiday's. Be sure to mark your calendars!

Even though our apple crop was low this year it has been wonderful to see so many of you and your families. Hearing the kids scream with joy on the boat or fall in love all over again with our goats has been so heart warming. I missed that in 2020 more than I realized until it happened again. Thank you for all your continued support.

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