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Friday, August 19th Update

Hi everyone! Today is Friday, August 19, 2022, it is a rainy day at Lapacek’s Orchard, meaning it is also a slow day. Those who have braved the weather have enjoyed the donuts and stocked up on baking apples for the rainy day tomorrow - what a perfect rainy day activity! Surprisingly people have also been having loads of fun shooting at the new gravity box basketball wagon despite the wet weather. The guys (Frank and Jared) are out picking apples even with the rain. Picking in the rain means the apples are much easier to bruise making the picking slightly slower. Certain varieties are more susceptible to bruising than others such as Zestar.

We are looking forward to this weekend which is the first full weekend of apple season. Be sure to stock up on canned goods, for we have a low supply this year. This is due to the low crop last year. We currently have apple butter, caramel apple jam, and spiced cider jelly; all of which are great on toast, pancakes, and even ice cream. Additionally, we have three types of applesauce: regular, honeycrisp, and johnny tart which we love to put on pancakes, in oatmeal, or eat as a snack. And don't forget about the Apple Pie in a Jar which is a favorite to make apple pies, eat as a snack, and to warm up and put on ice cream. Stop by this weekend to get this delicious canned goods, apples, and fun!

Our pick your own tomato patch is starting to ripen up. If you want to get a flat of tomatoes to get a head start on canning this might be the weekend for you. Feel free to call ahead for availability or if you'd like us to pick for you. 608-635-4780

~ Written and submitted by Cedi Lapacek and slightly edited by Kim Lapacek

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