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Featuring Artist - Kenzie Beam of EBNS

You guessed it - it's time to meet another fabulous artist for the upcoming Handcrafted Hoedown for the Holiday's!

Let's hear a little more from Kenzie Beam of EBNS (EveryBitchNeedsaScrunchie).

How many Handcrafted Hoedown for the Holidays have you been a part of?


What is your favorite thing about this craft sale?

I love being able to see a wide variety of different crafts and handmade goods that are from local vendors!

What kind of gifts do you look for when you go shopping for the holiday's?

Meaningful and handmade gifts

Please share your favorite holiday recipe:

Unfortunately, I really don't make anything special for the holidays! My aunt usually has fun things like that covered! :)

What's your favorite holiday movie?

Elf!!! #ad

Have you checked out the earlier featured artist? You can see them all by going HERE and be sure to keep an eye on the blog as we hear from more artists! This sale is going to be AMAZING!

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