Covid-19 Policy

In my wildest dreams I would never have imagined all the things 2020 has brought. We have thought long and hard about how these changes affect Lapacek’s Orchard and how to open safely for the public and for ourselves. Being a family-owned and operated farm we need to stay healthy to provide delicious fresh apples, mouth-watering apple cider donuts, and tasty apple cider all season long. 


Here is a summary of changes implemented for the 2020 apple season:

  1. Two Ways to Order. At this time we would prefer if you Pre-Ordered your apples online. 
    - Preorder online. Please order the day before you plan to pick up. We will not be able to fill orders the day of.
    - Shop in Store. Put on your mask and come on in. We've rearranged the store to minimize browsing and create more efficient shopping.

  2. Playgrounds closed. While we love the memories created here each year, this is not the season for it. We request all orchard visits to be short and efficient to reduce crowding - particularly on the weekends.

  3. No sampling. It’s not safe this year. Check out the apple descriptions online ahead of time - I have worked to provide clear, concise descriptions to aid in decision making.

  4. Shop open to 10 customers at a time. 

    • Please respect the floor indicators to maintain social distancing as you shop.

    • Gift items are reduced to eliminate browsing.

    • If there are 10 people in the shop, please wait outside until someone leaves.

    • Caramel apples and donuts will be held at the counter; tell us what you want at checkout.

    • Make all visits as brisk as possible.

    • Masks are required.

  5. All events are cancelled - including Kraut Days and Hand-Crafted Hoedown for the Holidays. Keep an eye out for great deals on delicious cabbage to take home!

  6. You may walk the orchard walk, and we are adding trails. Hike the orchard, visit the cats and goats, and escape for a few moments. . . while maintaining social distance of course.

  7. The Pick Your Own Pumpkin patch is empty for 2020!

  8. We have TONS of apples! Start planning your cooking/canning now!

  9. We will be making caramel apples!

  10. We will be making apple cider donuts!

  11. There will be new episodes of “Cider After Dark.”

  12. We are here, and we need your support. Help us get through this apple season so 2021 can be even better.

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